Oct. 22, 2013


Halifax, NS -- Peaceful protesters against fracking in New Brunswick are being supported by the Atlantic Canada Chapter of Sierra Club Canada. 

Atlantic Chapter Chair Emma Hebb stated, "We stand in solidarity with peaceful actions to stop seismic testing and fracking in New Brunswick. SWN Resources has been attempting to carry out seismic testing for natural gas in New Brunswick since last June - and citizens from across the region are concerned that their voices have not been heard."

"I have visited community action sites in New Brunswick over the summer for potlucks, celebrations, and meetings. The people I met are acting as good and caring neighbours, friends, and family on behalf of many, many others who want this seismic testing stopped and the rights of indigenous people respected," according to Chapter Director Gretchen Fitzgerald.

Licenses to explore for oil and gas have been issued for 2.5 million acres or one seventh of the landmass of New Brunswick. The concern over impacts such as water contamination, air pollution, loss of quality of life and property values have led to solidarity actions from First Nations, Acadians, and English-speaking New Brunswickers for several years. A court ruling just rejected attempts to extend an injunction against a blockade near Rexton, NB, but exploration is aimed for other areas of the province.

"After educating, petitioning, and meeting with leaders, people feel they must literally put their bodies in front of trucks to stop this destructive industry. There is a long history of peaceful, lawful actions like these leading to justice," stated Heidi Verheul, Community Outreach Coordinator, "We urge the Premier of the province to heed the lesson of history and respect the rights of citizens to be heard above the voice of the fossil fuel lobby."


Sierra Club Canada and US have issued statements supporting lawful actions to stop fracking  in New Brunswick. Sierra Club Atlantic will be hosting education and activist training events throughout the region in the next two months.






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Gretchen Fitzgerald. Director, 902-444-3113 or 902-444-7096 or






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