Harper is vindictive, uses dirty tactics, and, has a totally evil agenda. Harper is also sly and underhanded, he works behind the citizens backs. I read about Harper's speech, at the Council of Foreign Relations, in New York. This was as far back as September 25/2007. He clearly stated his evil agenda, those many years back. Harper will permit no-one to, besmirch the dirty tar sands. Harper intends to spread that atrocity all over the globe. Knowing Harper and his tantrums, I am not the least surprised, he drastically cut the Environment budget. He behaves, like a petulant little juvenile. Europe has said. "It's unprecedented, a government most developed, can devise and implement a strategy, that involves...undermining independent science and deliberate misleading, of it's international partners". Europe also said, Canada needs to disclose, the genuine G.H. gases, and stop making false statements. The Canadian group, have managed to delay, Europe's deadline Jan 2011, for confirming, the baseline default values. Canada is trying to undermine, European fuel legislation. There have been 110 meetings in two years. They are underplaying, the heavy nature of the crude. Our country's, democratic credentials, have been compared to..less savory regimes where oil is extracted. And, there you have it. This is the true Harper, very, very devious and underhanded. One country said, Harper is a petty gasbag. He is arrogant, stubborn, vindictive, sulky, and impossible to work with. God knows, how many times he has embarrassed Canadians. I will leave that list, for another day