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Letter to NL Public Utility Board Regarding Investing in Holyrood Power Plant, Newfoundland


We call on the Public Utility Board to consider investing in greener energy sources like renewable energy and energy efficiency, rather than increasing our investment in the oil-fired Holyrood Power Plant. NL Power proposed a $120 million investment in an oil-powered 100 MW turbine for the plant.

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It’s official: Coal is kaput in Ontario

From our friends at Ontario Clean Air Alliance:... Read more »

Comments on Bill 5 - Importation of Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater Prohibition Act


Please download a pdf of our submission here.




Goodbye to Nanticoke, and all that coal

Sierra Club Canada's Ontario Chapter was instrumental in the decision by our provincial government to shut down all coal plants. The day has come! Toronto environmental lawyer Dianne Saxe has a nice piece on her website about it: 

Goodbye to Nanticoke, and all that coal

by DIANNE SAXE on JANUARY 15, 2014

January 8 marked the last day of operation of the Nanticoke Generating Station, the last operating coal-fired electrical generating facility in southern Ontario. This latest shut down will help mark 2014 as the year Ontario will become a coal-free jurisdiction.... Read more »


Dec. 3, 2013

Halifax, NS – Sierra Club Atlantic welcomes the ban of the import of dangerous fracking waste announced today in Nova Scotia. Last spring, Sierra Club launched a petition calling for the ban, and the NS Liberal Party promised to ban the import of fracking waste in the lead up to the provincial election last September.

“This is a relief for Nova Scotians and Nova Scotian municipalities who feared that we were going to be tasked with dealing with toxic fracking waste in the region,” according to Gretchen Fitzgerald, Director of Sierra Club Atlantic, “I am thrilled to see the leadership in this province demonstrate they are taking the threat represented by toxic fracking waste seriously.”... Read more »


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