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Breaking News in Copenhagen: Secret Cap-and-Trade Proposal Confirms That Canada Has No Intention of Meeting its 2020 GHG Targets

Sierra Club has just learned (via Climate Action Network Canada) that the Harper government has plans to futher weaken its climate change targets and policies. The fact that this government wants to weaken one of the weakest targets in the world is shocking. Please spread this story far and wide, and call you're MP or PM Harper himself at 1-866-599-4999 (ask to leave a message for the PM or for Environment Minister Jim Prentice). A rapid response to this news at home will show the Harper government that Canadians are watching the actions of his negotiationg team.

Read the CBC article here

Watch the CBC National here

Read the response from Climate Action Network Canda below:... Read more »

Ottawa funding group that promotes work of climate-change skeptics


MONTREAL - The federal government has been funding an asbestos lobby group that promotes the work of prominent climate-change skeptics.

The revelation comes as Canada's delegation struggles to avoid being cast as the villain at the Copenhagen climate conference, and environmentalists are urging the government to stop financing the group.

On its website, the Chrysotile Institute promotes a chapter that it says debunks the asbestos health-risk hoax from the 2007 book titled Scared to Death - From BSE to Global Warming: Why Scares Are Costing Us the Earth.

Ottawa has been frequently knocked by opponents for cutting cash to organizations that believe in fighting climate change.

But Chrysotile Institute president Clement Godbout said Monday that his organization - which has received more than $20 million over two decades - actually has no position about the book's chapter on climate change.... Read more »

Yes Men Play Prank On Canadian Delegation, Canada Wins another Fossil, NGO Participation Restricted

Today has been a bit intense. The YES Men played a huge prank on the Canadian delegation, government and people, Canada won the 3rd place Fossil of the Day award along with Saudi Arabia. It has also been confirmed that only 30% of NGO delegates will be allowed to enter the Bella Centre on Tuesday and Wednesday, only 1,000 will be able to enter on Thursday and 90 will be able to enter on Friday.  

More evidence to confirm what we knew already

For the few of you who might still have some doubts: Canada just does not have the credibility to be a leader on climate change. In Copenhagen, environmental NGOs daily show that Canada is trailing many industrialized and developing countries in the fight to avoid dangerous levels of climate change.   Germanwatch and Climate Action Network Europe released a report, which puts Canada in second-last position in its Climate Change Policy Index, ahead of Saudi-Arabia but behind Kazakhstan!   More info on  

B.C.'s old-growth forests being systematically cut down: Sierra Club

The old-growth forests of Vancouver Island and the B.C. coast are Canada's most valuable weapon in the battle against climate change, but they are being systematically destroyed, says a new report from Sierra Club B.C. to be released tomorrow.

World leaders, gathering in Copenhagen to come up with a new agreement on climate change, are focusing on the need for carbon storage -- and Vancouver Island has huge, natural carbon sinks.

"B.C.'s coastal forests are among the best carbon storehouses on the planet and one of the world's most powerful tools in the fight against climate change," said Jens Wieting, Sierra Club coastal forest campaigner and a primary author of the report.

Coastal temperate rainforests store about 1,000 tonnes of carbon a hectare, he said. But B.C. is in danger of losing its most valuable resource, the report says.

"We are running out of old-growth forests," Wieting said.... Read more »


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