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Sierra Club supports green bin

EMC News - The Sierra Club of Canada is looking for volunteers to take on a role in environmental leadership, give a 'bin talk" presentation to small groups across the city.

Additonal Excerpt:

Upon recruitment, each volunteer will receive online training from in both the content and style of the presentation that has been developed by Sierra Club Canada. Further, each volunteer will receive various forms of the presentation to assist the with keeping them on track and on message, and provide to audience members both an audio and visual means of learning the material. The aim is make each 'bin talk' as customizable as possible to the needs of the individual presenter.

To sign up or to learn more, contact the Sierra Club by phone at
613-241-4611 ext. 235.

Bin Talk Script

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Bin Talk Ottawa

SCC's campaign to promote Ottawa's Green Bin municipal composting program

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Ottawa considers green bin fee


Property owners could pay a $57 service fee to cover the cost of running the new green bin program. Property owners could pay a $57 service fee to cover the cost of running the new green bin program. (CBC)

Ottawa homeowners may see a new fee for green bin collection on their property tax bills next year.

The city's planning and environment committee, which released its 2010 budget estimates Tuesday, is proposing that property owners pay a $57 service fee to cover the cost of setting up and running the new composting program.

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After a long wait, green bin program rolls out


By Tracey Tong ... Read more »


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