Big Oil and Canada thwarted U.S. carbon standards

Turns out Alberta's environment ministry has joined forces with U.S. corporations to keep feeding the Big Oil machine. Read this well-researched article by Geoff Dembicki on

Big Oil and Canada thwarted U.S. carbon standards

Emails show how a Washington lobbyist enlisted Canadian officials to beat back U.S. carbon standards.... Read more »

Who's behind the EthicalOil campaign?

At the recent Toronto Enviro Alliance comedy fundraiser, the annual EcoBunk Awards, I uncomfortably chuckled at the ludicrous Ethical Oil advertisements. Maybe you've seen them. It is an exceptionally well-funded ad campaign about why Canada NEEDS to keep producing Tar Sands oil for the world. In one they pose the elegantly flying maple leaf flag next to a woman in the process of being stoned.

Auditor General should consider true value of Ontario's Green Energy Act

Media Release, December, 2011

OTTAWA - The Ontario Auditor General should consider the multi-billion dollar cost overruns at the Pickering, Bruce and Darlington nuclear reactor stations before determining the true value of Ontario's Green Energy Act (GEA), says Sierra Club Canada.

“Cancelling the GEA would not only be an environmental disaster, it would lead to higher electricity bills and create more risk in the long-run,” said John Bennett, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada.

Current renewable energy plans will undoubtedly have less of an impact on electricity bills than the continuing uncertainty of nuclear energy and natural gas prices. High electricity bills are inevitable over the short-term, but renewable energy will actually cost less over the next 15 years than continuing to depend on coal and nuclear energy.... Read more »

Climate groups to Canada: Commit to Kyoto or stay home

Environment Minister Peter Kent refuses to say whether Canada has decided in advance of new international talks on climate change to withdraw its commitment to the Kyoto protocol.

“I'm neither confirming nor denying,” Mr. Kent told a news conference in Ottawa on Monday morning after news reports said the Conservative government, which has never embraced the agreement that was signed by its Liberal predecessors, would officially back away from the deal that it has ratified.

The Kyoto protocol was adopted at an international conference in Japan in 1997 and came into effect in 2005. It expires in 2012 and subsequent climate-change conferences in Copenhagen and Cancun, Mexico have failed to arrive at an agreement to replace it. So representatives of 195 countries are meeting in Durban, South Africa, this week to try to hammer out a global deal to reduce carbon emissions.
... Read more »

Stay home Minister Kent, says Sierra Club Canada

Media Release, November 28, 2011

OTTAWA - Environment Minister Kent should stay home for the next two weeks and NOT participate in the United Nations climate change negotiations in Durban, South Africa. Indeed, Canada's absence from the negotiations would be seen by many as a good thing.

"Rather than waste taxpayers' money doing the bidding of the oil companies and winning Fossil of the Day awards, one austerity measure this government could and should take is to stay home,” said John Bennett, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada. “The money saved could keep several government scientists employed for years and it would be welcomed by nearly everyone," said Mr. Bennett.

Fossil of the Day awards go to countries that deliberately ignore their responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and try to block a global agreement," said Mr. Bennett. “And that’s exactly what Canada is doing.”... Read more »


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