Over the years, Sierra Club of Canada has posted many of its publications to the web in both html and pdf formats. If a publication isn't listed here, it may be available in a print version. Contact us at if you can't find what you're looking for.
2012-07-24   |   View this publication   |   Atlantic Chapter, Nuclear-Free Canada
  Letter written by Sierra Club Atlantic Members, Larry Lack and Lee Ann Ward, to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) in response to inadequate assessment of earthquake risk to Point Lepreau Nuclear Power Plant.      
2012-07-12   |   View this publication   |   Atlantic Chapter
2012-04-20   |   View this publication   |   none
2012-04-16   |   View this publication   |   Ontario Chapter, Water, Sustainable Fisheries, Great Lakes
Attached below is the petition to our Provincial and Federal Governments asking them to take action in preventing the Asian Carp from invading our Great Lakes. Please print, sign, distribute, and mail back to: Sierra Club Ontario, 550 Bayview Avenue, suite 402. Toronto, ON, M4W 3X8        
2012-03-27   |   View this publication   |   none
Click below to review summaries of the presentations given by Dr. Pat Chow-Fraser's students as well as guest speaker Ralph Pentland on Sunday, March 25, 2012.
2012-03-15   |   View this publication   |   none
2012-03-13   |   View this publication   |   none
2012-02-17   |   View this publication   |   none
2012-01-24   |   View this publication   |   none
2012-01-24   |   View this publication   |   Ecosystems, Ontario Chapter, Great Lakes, Protecting Biodiversity
This report is a progress report on the research funded by Sierra Club carried out from May to October in 2011. The three main projects share an overarching theme that examines threats to coastal biodiversity because of changes in the hydrologic regime of Lakes Huron and Erie. The first project provides an initial glimpse of how northern pike utilize wetland and nearshore habitat in Tadenac Bay and the surrounding region. The second is a comparison of home ranges of the Blanding's turtle (species at risk) in two protected areas (Beausoleil Island of Georgian Bay Island National Park and Rondeau Bay Provincial Park) that have very different landscape features and experience different stresses. Since this is the first documented study of a Blanding's population on an island, a sub--‐project has been carried out to determine if turtles select for specific habitats before, during and after nesting as has been suggested by the literature. The third project examines the effects of rain effects and agricultural practices on the water quality of first--‐order streams in the Beaver River watershed. Click on the pdf attachment below to see the 14 pg. McMaster University report


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