Over the years, Sierra Club of Canada has posted many of its publications to the web in both html and pdf formats. If a publication isn't listed here, it may be available in a print version. Contact us at if you can't find what you're looking for.
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2014-06-16   |   View this publication   |   Atlantic Chapter, Water, Safe Food and Sustainable Agriculture, Industrial Water Consumption, Health & Environment
Presentation to the PEI Legislative Standing Committee onAgriculture, Environment, Energy and Forestryconsidering the moratorium on high capacity (deep) water wells for agriculture irrigation PEI Sierra Club (Atlantic Chapter of Sierra Club Canada)Tony ReddinJune 12, 2014.
2014-05-06   |   View this publication   |   Atlantic Chapter, Atmosphere & Energy
We call on the Public Utility Board to consider investing in greener energy sources like renewable energy and energy efficiency, rather than increasing our investment in the oil-fired Holyrood Power Plant. NL Power proposed a $120 million investment in an oil-powered 100 MW turbine for the plant.    
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2014-03-13   |   View this publication   |   Atlantic Chapter, Water, Toxics, Atmosphere & Energy
Please download a pdf of our submission here.   
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