Healthy Beauty for Life Campaign Launched

Media Release, April 22, 2012

OTTAWA - Sierra Club Canada Foundation is working with several manufacturers of non-toxic, natural cosmetics to encourage young women to live a healthier lifestyle by using eco-friendly beauty products. The Healthy Beauty for Life campaign will be distributing 200 non-toxic beauty kits across Canada, each containing a range of cosmetic products.

Every year women absorb hundreds of different chemicals using conventional, synthetic-based cosmetics which ultimately end up in the environment when they are washed away. To protect young girls and our planet, mothers, grandmothers, aunts and godmothers are being asked to talk to their teens about choosing safe products with ingredients that will not cause them any harm during this crucial stage in their development.

Our cosmetic kit contains samples, coupons, full-sized products and informational material that will help set teens on a healthy path that includes a safe beauty regime. Contributing manufacturers and retailers include: Weleda, All Natural Cosmetics, Bare Organics, Revolution Organics, Ecco Bella, Dr. Hauschka, Lilou Organics,Montagne Jeunesse, EcoTools, Apple & Bee, Zosimos Botanicals, Ella’s Botanicals, Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques, and North American Hemp Co.

“I wish I had had a kit like this when I was sixteen,” said Laura Woodward, Healthy Beauty for Life Campaign Coordinator. “My friends and I just borrowed make-up from our moms and older sisters and it scares me to think what I was putting on my face and where it ultimately ended up in our environment.”

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the toxic chemicals in everyday cosmetics that can affect health and the environment. Packages with different eco-friendly cosmetics are being made available to demonstrate there is a broad range of safe alternatives to potentially toxic products.

Mascara, anti-aging creams, sunscreens, eye shadows and deodorants all contain a cocktail of chemicals that can lead to allergies, eczema, cancer and hormone changes. Some chemicals commonly found in our cosmetics have also been found to be toxic to our environment.

“Everyone should know, especially young women: cosmetic and personal care products can be toxic and that there are plenty of healthy alternatives” says John Bennett, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada Foundation.

The campaign is aimed at female teenagers, the age when women typically start experimenting and using cosmetics. Teenagers are more vulnerable to chemicals that can affect hormones such as endocrine disruptors, making it even more important that they avoid toxic cosmetics.

Sierra Club Canada Foundation is offering two packages, a basic package for $25 and a deluxe package for $50. The packages are valued at over $100 and $250 respectively and contain products and samples from our sponsor companies. You can order the packages at the Ottawa Eco Expo April 21st and 22nd at the RA centre, April 22nd at the Petrie Island Earth Day celebration or by e-mailing:

Please note that there may shipping costs. More information about the campaign and packages can be found on our campaign webpage.

For more information contact:

Laura Woodward, Coordinator
Health Beauty Campaign
Tel: (613) 241-4611
Mobile (613) 600-5623


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