Health Canada cellphone advice not enough for scientist

Health Canada warns cellphone users under 18 should limit their talking time
CBC News
Date published: 
Thu, 2011-10-06

A scientist who specializes in environmental toxicology says Health Canada didn't go far enough with its warning this week about cellphone use for young people.

The agency encourages people under the age of 18 to limit the time they spend talking on a cellphone.

The agency's previous stance suggested that people could limit their cellphone use if they were concerned about an unproven suggestion the devices increase one's risk of developing brain cancer.

Magda Havas, a member of the Wireless Safety Council of Canada, said other sources of radio waves should also be limited.

Havas said she can't understand why Health Canada didn't advise people under the age of 18 to limit their use sooner.


Read the entire article at the link below.


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