Oilsands water monitoring to change

CBC News
Date published: 
Tue, 2010-12-21

Alberta is changing how it monitors water in the oilsands, according to the province's environment minister who made the announcement one day before a federally appointed panel reports its findings on the issue.

A group of independent experts will gather in January 2011 and report to the province in June on how to best set up an environmental monitoring system for northern Alberta, which could serve as a pilot project for the rest of the province.

"With the growth of development, we need to ensure that the oilsands are being managed under the closest scrutiny and oversight," Alberta Environment Minister Rob Renner said Monday in Calgary.

"Our ultimate goal is to build a world-class monitoring, evaluation and reporting system so that we can meet the environmental challenges we face in Alberta."

The province's announcement comes as the Oilsands Advisory Panel appointed by former federal environment minister Jim Prentice gets set to report on its findings Tuesday morning in Ottawa.

The panel was announced in September, one week after the province announced its own panel to review water data in the oilsands. The federal panel will report on research and is expected to make recommendations on the monitoring regime.

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