Growing a Forest of Support!

In February, we launched a campaign to make our Chapter sustainable.

We want to continue be a Voice for the Earth, implementing innovative and effective environmental education programs like our Wild Child Nature Immersion Project.

We want to keep on addressing key concerns from an Atlantic Canadian perspective, on issues like fracking, local solutions to climate change, and stopping oil an gas development in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

We need local donors to help us continue to be here when members, media, and the general public call with concerns, asking for expert advice and action! But we can't do so without your help.

Please help us achieve our goal of $40,000 by making your contribution to the campaign here

Thanks to our generous supporters, we are growing a forest of support! 

Along with their financial contributions, we have asked donors to send us an inscription for a "virtual" tree (don't worry virtual trees are not hurt by this!) in recognition of their gift and how they want to Give the Earth a Voice - in their own words!

Please click on the image on the left and zoom in to read what our donors are saying - it sure keeps me inspired to know the hopes and aspirations we share with our supporters!


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