So Thankful for Fracktivists!

For a while now I've been telling you about fracking and asking you to get involved.  First on Victoria Day weekend I asked you to become informed and to submit written comments to the Nova Scotia Government.  On the August Long Weekend I asked you to join with protestors across the Maritimes and to rally for the preservation of beautiful provinces-protecting them against fracking.

Thanksgiving weekend will be no different.  As I sit currently, along the shores of Skiff Lake, New Brunswick I am so thankful for the natural features that make the provinces of Atlantic Canada such wonderful places to live in. The good water, clean air, rich soils-all which are threatened by fracking.

 While I've been fighting to ban fracking in all four provinces I haven't been alone-for that I'm eternally thankful.  There are so many of us out there, and we are so passionatley fighting against fracking- and for our communities. 

In Nova Scotia the Department of Energy has started ending their press releases with "This has nothing to do with Hydraulic Fracturing" Isn't that a testment to our combined influence?

So what I'm asking for your help for this long weekend? If you are a resident of Nova Scotia we, at Sierra Club Atlantic, are starting a petition campaign- we're asking for you to collect signitures and mail signed petitions back to our office by Nov. 30.  Unfortunatley, because of rules around petitions in the province we cannot accept copies of or online petitions so we ask that you help us by collecting signitures in your community.

Thankfully, you wont be alone-we've developed tools (a fact sheet and larger report) that we invite you to use as part of the campaign, or to complement your own campaign in your own province.

All the tools and the petition can be downloaded on the site devoted to the petition!

In closing, I'm so thankful for all of the people in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, and New Brunswick who have taken their and time and energy to do what is right and demand that fracking be banned here, and I'm hoping they'll help me out once again!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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